About Us

At Reboot Systems India Private Limited, we believe, if we ask the right questions we can change the world for better.

Reboot Systems founded by a group of professional entrepreneurs and is fast growing reverse engineering company based out of India. Reboot has perfected the electronic life-cycle process, providing best value solutions for your Organisation and serving a range of stakeholders. With reduced life cycles and ever growing need for electronics, reboot connects the fast growing waste stream of used-but-still-useful technology to those in need.

Brand Reboot strives to envision, enable and empower a new and modern India for bridging the significant digital divide issues in a green, eco-friendly and cost effective manner on the motto of:

Live More. Do More

Engineering Affordability

Value creation through life cycle management of used electronic devices.

We at Reboot are the experts at reverse-engineering of electronic device. Our indigenous refurbishment process involves a comprehensive 16 Step process.

“Our 16 Steps refurbishment process ensures Functionally like New devices"