Why we all need to Reboot

Why we all need to Reboot

The idea of Reboot… of refurbished products is just not about VALUE products but about passing VALUES to next generation. It is about the ethos of green, of using environmentally friendly products and ensuring optimum utilization of minimum available resources. 

For a true inclusive growth and to become corporate ambassadors, we all need to look at frugal ways of building our companies, our products and ultimately the nation. The economically challenging times will not just crop once in couple of years but would become a perpetual part of our calendar if we do not necessitate cautious and thoughtful movement towards consumerism, towards the future.

A large population in the advanced worlds already feels that we will not only pass lesser resources to our next generation but they would also be economically less better-of then us today - they will be much poorer then what we are today. There is a mass reduction in the middle class segment in these countries. The rich are getting richer, few have the magic portion out of the economic churning….. like the Hindu mystical story of “Samundra Manthan” where the venom that came out was far greater then the “Amrita” and unfortunately we have no Shiva to absorb the poison.

Green is no more a fashion word, it is here, it is here to stay and it is the reality.

It is time to get conscious, to awake and re-kindle the next industrial revolution. To move towards smarter products that consume less, to move towards products that see optimum utilization. We need to get out of the habit of discarding old because new is better - we need to discard when the utility is over and in a manner that the consumer chain down the line can still use it - Products don’t die just because new are born but they die when they have no use for the consumer even at the lowest bottom of the pyramid.

We all need to understand the difference between “Best in the market ~ Best for you”

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