The Most effect way to donate your surplus computers

The Most effect way to donate your surplus computers

Computers and Laptops for Free – Really!

Global studies indicate, donating computers is one of the top 3 methods used by corporates to dispose old computers. It is ranked even higher then trade-ins and storage options!

What drives them to do so?

It is overwhelmingly satisfying to do ones part in “Bridging the Digital Divide” by giving old computers to NGOs, schools and charity organizations, with the idea that the equipment could actually be doing some good some where instead of getting into landfills and also will further their CS Responsibilities as a company.

Are they really free?

One of the core reason for donating old systems is, for the recipient to get usable technology at NO COSTS, but in the actuality there is a good chance either the recipient will not be able to use them et all or there could be a much larger cost involved in make them usable.  The systems may not be right for them because of the way they are configured or because they are in less-than-good condition. The donor may not be able to meet his main objective for donating the systems at the first place.

Things to consider for the Donor:

  1. The systems might not be re-used After all.
  2. The data on the computers could be compromised.
  3. The computers could end-up in the waste or the un-known secondary market.
  4. Are we taking away some level of pride from the user when we donate them old system in AS IS condition.

Things to consider for the recipient:

  1. Do the systems meet general working standards?
  2. Do they have genuine software and tested components or else they might end up spending more in getting them in place (this expense generally happens in parts and hence no-one really see the cumulative costs)
  3. Will I get service and component support if something goes wrong tomorrow.


If one wants to see his old computers go to a good cause, there’s a better way than just handing them to a charitable organization. The alternative involves working with a reputable refurbisher to participate in a formal program for charity. Reboot for example runs an RaaS program for facilitating such endeavors. Or, as an alternative, one can sell his used systems to a registered refurbisher outright and then donate the money to the charity of his choice to use as it sees fit.

Also, adding a registered refurbisher as a third party will save from the risk of Data security breaches and environmental violations. The recipients will also receive systems in great usable condition with genuine software’s, access to spares and warranties.

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